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About Franchise Opportunities at HLC

HLC was established to provide the British market with the latest technological methods of hair loss treatments. Attracting clients from across the UK and neighbouring European cities we now have 25 successful clinics across the UK.

HLC has provided the latest techniques to the market place with a new non-surgical option. With a large client base, HLC receives referrals from hairdressers, beauticians, doctors, and other professionals within the fields of plastic surgery.

With plastic surgery and vanity based products becoming one of the worlds fastest growing industries HLC holds a position unchallenged.

Become a part of the success with HLC, Franchises are available as part of your existing business or as a new start up.

Business opportunities are available to motivated, concitiencous individuals and companies, investors, and entrepreneurs are always searching for niche markets that have not yet been over commercialised.

For more information on this great opportunity please contact us by e-mail at: [email protected]

Franchise Testimonial

I purchased my first franchise/Clinic in 2017 from HLC, I was a little sceptical as I was new to the industry and came into it with very little experience. I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made, Andy has made the transition very smooth and he is always available and very approachable to any problems that arise. I owe Andy a lot of gratitude, for his constant patience and constant positive outlook to keep me looking forward at all times.The training has been very good, very professional and very informative to somebody with little knowledge. I have know purchased three clinics and I can say it’s a very rewarding industry and a very enjoyable thing to do. Andy is a very good leader and easy to work.

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Chester HLC
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