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Natalie Mellor

After my initial friendly consultation I decided on the advice of Andy to have laser treatment, to date my hair is looking a lot thicker and shinier. I still have three months to go and it looks from the first three months my hair will be back to its former thickness, I'm over the moon and so glad I made the jump. Thanks again Andy and HLC.

Allan Allmark

Encouraged by my wife I attended a consultation at the Bolton clinic. I can't tell people enough how amazed I am at my own results, mates and work colleagues asking me what I've had done and I've already passed there number on. The service was 10+ and I'm one happy bloke. Thank You !

Shiraz Mohammad

Thank you so much to all the staff at HLC, the whole team have been fantastic from the beginning.

You have returned my confidence and self esteem, my hair hasn't looked this good in 10 years. Professional at what they do and have made me feel comfortable through the whole journey. Thanks again and I would definitely recommend.

Ali Akbhar

I have just completed a 6 month treatment course, the results are excellent and I could definitely recommend the hair loss clinic to anyone. Thanks.

James Carlton

I can thoroughly recommend this company, which has dealt with my thinning hair in a quick and easy way. The laser therapy treatment, combined with the products of herbal supplements, shampoo and hair solution has worked brilliantly to regrow my hair in 6 months. Thank you so much and will highly recommend to anyone!

Jamie Goodwin

Great service started my hair loss journey, suffering from hair loss, excellent service looked after me from the start, had hair replacement system done and brought back my confidence. What was more better is the support I got when in lockdown, always on hand when needed advice and support. Hair system was incredible and changed me on a personal level as met someone and very happy, highly recommended!

Ben Hardman

If you want hair and you want a simple solution, visit the Preston Clinic. A quick easy consultation focused purely on my needs and requirements. Great service Jessica.

Ross Quigley

Ghaffer was incredible from start to finish. The system and cut I have received is 10/10 and I could not fault one part of it. I am booked in again in 4 weeks to not only have it maintained but Ghaffer is gonna show me how to maintain it myself. So it's a 5 stars from me.

Paula Ramshaw

As I attend different clinics due to work I thought you all deserve a 5* review, you're all fabulous. My results so far are amazing. Can't wait to finish my journey.

Damola Ojo

Good Experience
Treated with respect from all the staff Thuriya and Yasmin were excellent. Dr Rafiq explained everything in detail. Would highly recommend.

Daniel York


I have a Hair Replacement system with these guys, taking the plunge to get this and was well worth it never felt more confident. Any problems I have had have been dealt with in a quick manner. Fully recommend.

Sam Harley

HLC Bromley were Fantastic

Jake and Charlotte at the HLC clinic in Bromley provided excellent service from arranging a consultation to laser treatment sessions and products.
I arranged a consultation with Jake easily, he spoke to me about my options and advised the hair laser treatment. Jake discussed in depth how the treatment worked and what the products were and how they should be applied. As well as why this was the suitable treatment. Upon this advice I decided to go ahead with the treatment.

I had been losing my hair for about 3 years was caused by male pattern baldness and stress which started the hair loss. I was balding on top and receding at the front and for a 25 year old this impacted my mental health and confidence as others losing hair can relate too.

After using the products and attending hair laser sessions I could be see progress after 1 month, then after 2-3 months there was lots of new growth. Now at the 6 month mark my bald spot is covering nicely, my hairline has grown about 2-3 centimetres and my hair is thicker and more healthy.
Although the corona virus has interrupted my last few sessions, I have continued to use the products with no problem and will continue after. The staff at HLC have been very helpful with questions and queries and have provided products when needed.

I can honestly say that Jake and Charlotte have changed my life and helped me regain my confidence in myself and my mental health. They were in regular contact with me, checked my hair regularly and answered any questions I had. They were very friendly and always helpful.

Results can be different for everyone but for me, my hair grew back at a rate I did not expect. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done.


Life sometimes can be very difficult when you have no hair? That's why the is always hope and, the top best Hair Loss Clinc is HLC I highly recommend appointment with Ashley Power he and the lovely Lisa can make all your dreams come true if you have this big problem? Called now for some free information. your New life is just around the corner with HLC now thanks to HLC My New Life is just started
James Patrick Dempsey!!
My best regards
Thank you HLC
Always a pleasure!! 10/10 Magic

Mr CVFord

I’ve just been for a consultation at the Farnham road Guildford clinic, I was met by a nice guy called Keller, then keller took me took me to meet this very lovely lady called Paige, well I have to say she was lovely friendly and very very helpful, Paige explained all about my future laser treatment, she told me the price and she was not pushy like some of these clinics but this is H.L.C. So I was shown some before and after photos which also impressed me. So I paid the money and started my treatment a couple of minutes later. I saw the laser well impressed with it no side effects, I was given all the paper work I needed by Paige great name by the way, so now I will review as my treatment continues but for now thank you guys.


5 Star Review for York Clinic 😁
From the Start of my trial to the finish (6 months), I was aware of what I had to do to improve my hair loss, using the Vitamins, Shampoo & and Hair solution, and Lee & Michelle were fantastic ! It’s been a pleasure using these products and the machine at the clinic and now my hair has fully regrown so happy thank you so much !


I thoroughly recommend this company. They are extremely professional and keep things very private. The treatment works brilliantly. I feel alot more confident after going through it. If you think that you have a hair loss problem then you need to make an appointment.


Been going Leicester Hair Loss Clinic for 10 months now.Have seen a massive difference with my Loss and cant thank them enough.I went into this not knowing what to expect and after a one to one consultation with Amandip she put my mind at rest and she has been brilliant ever since. Would definitely recommend.

Nick Woolley

Came here for the Hair Replacement System. The team there are fantastic, make you feel very at ease from the minute you walk in the door and guide you to the correct decision for yourself.

I was so delighted once I saw the results from my system, the stylists there are really nice and again make you feel at ease. They do such a fantastic job to transform you and I couldn’t be happier!
I won’t lie, I had one or two minor problems once I had the system on, but the team were there on hand no matter the time to help me through it, be it 8 o’clock at night!

Guaranteed 5* service from entering the door to every time you come back. Highly recommended.

Wayne Chuter

Dont wait like me go in early !!!

After spending years wondering what I could do and worrying about gradual hair loss, came across this company HLC Leicester hair loss clinic, Changed my life! Great treatment with laser therapy, what a team! always friendly and welcoming, lovely atmosphere, made to feel comfortable, highly recommend these guys!!!


Couldn’t have asked for a better place, all the help you need and the main goal is hair growth and the out come is amazing. If your having thoughts of starting treatment this is the place!

Marianne Lee

I Attended the most honest and trustworthy consultation with Jessica. Although id been to a million others elsewhere she was the most professional she kept my nerves at bay.
She was 100% clear and made sure i understood every part of the process. I am so looking forward to the Journey. What a lovely girl.
Head office are brilliant also at responding to any enquiries. 5*


Great friendly service . My hair is growing back I am over the moon be patient as it does take a while .

G Markes

Great Service at Sheffield. Happy Staff. Great Consultants. Cracking Coffee , comfortable environment , so much so i fall asleep. And best of all ive had an amazing result with my hair fully grown back within 3 months. Thank u guys

George M

Right for everyone wondering this is how it goes -:

1. You Send in an enquiry to a clinic in your area.

2. A lovely member of their team give you a call back and book you in for a free consultation.

3. You attend the clinic on the date and time as confirmed and get a confirmation text with the details on

4. You attend the consultation and lets be honest your met by firstly a gentleman who is more than happy to make you a cuppa. Winner in my eyes.

5. You get your cuppa and then are invited in to see a lovely young lady with the biggest warmest smile she's quite cute , but lets just concentrate on the reason we are here. Ha! She asks you to fill in a pre consultation form and asks you questions in regards to that - again no need to be scared they aren't hard questions.

6. You have your head analysed and your consultant advises you of what she thinks the next best steps are to saving your hair. Thank God. She ensures you understand it all and then answers any questions.

7. You then are given the opportunity to think about it or asked if you would like to discuss pricing etc.

8. You fill in all the relevant paper work and are set up with your first appointment.

9. Your consultant gives you her contact details incase you EVER need her. - Again - Cracking ! Wonder if she's single??

10. They tell you will get your hair back and you do , they tell you the timescale , they warn you of any complications (not that there are any) they are honest and give a honest opinion. They tell you whether they can help you or not and are honest!! -

How do I know this?? because im a client and a very happy one at that! After divorce and serious hair loss you've allowed me to find myself again

keep it up team!!
Jess / Keith / Andy your all brill! 10**********

N Murian

WOWWWWWW!!!! I brought my 13 year old daughter for a consultation 3 months ago as she had severe alopecia. We had been to the Drs time and time again where I was told that there was nothing they could do for her. I contacted HLC and booked in for a free consultation. On my arrival I was met by a lovely young well mannered well dressed lady. This lady being called Jessica , straight away she put myself and my daughter at ease. My daughter had lost all her confidence and didn't want to attend school anymore and I was just stuck in a rut. When I attended the consultation Jessica advised us of the issue and said she was more than certain she could give us a result but due to my daughters age we would only use limited products which may mean the laser therapy takes longer. She was honest and has been there everytime my daughter has called her and even comforted her when she was upset in your clinic. 3 months in with 3 to go. N has all her hair back and its growing from strength to strength. I am thankful for the honesty and most importantly the treatment and guideance. look after Jessica she really is special. And any other parents out there who struggled as I did , pick up the phone it will change your life. Thank you :)

T Mcdonagh

Overall a great company , having a wonderful experience upto now. I was extremely sceptical at the beginning how something so simple could do such a big job. But hell its working. Apart from the one power cut which couldn't be helped by the staff. And one of my solutions a day late- again not the staffs fault the company are marvellous. It seems very family orientated and very welcoming. The staff across the north west clinics are outstanding. I visit them all due to work and nothing is ever too much trouble. Even down to the lotus biscuits and the cups of teas. I mean who doesn't like those. My hair is growing back thicker and faster than ever and just after a divorce its exactly what i need for my confidence. The pretty girls always put me at ease and the men help me eat the biscuits. Top Company , Brilliantly run.Cant wait till the end.

May Ng

The Clinic was very honest in their review of my hair loss situation upon first visit. Very clear explanation and forward plan recommended. There is no hard selling by the team.

Having signed up and started taking the supplement, lazer and shampoo, I immediately experience a reduction of hair loss within 1 week, without exaggeration. Since the falling is fewer, and with the ongoing 6 months of consistency and patience of oral and topical treatment, I found that my hair grow has returned. Thanks to Alan and his team. They agreed to provide the support and scalp checking as and when I needed it. I hope that my scalp and hair growth will steadily keep improving. Of course there is no quick fix, every factor has to be taken into account, such as lesser stress and good sleep with great diet. Thank you Alan and Team!


Really positive experience from the hair loss clinic. Ashley was extremely welcoming and helpful throughout the treatment, really nice guy to be around.
My hair thickened up, just like i was hoping for before the therapy. I'd recommend anyone worried about hair loss to give this a shot!

Natalka Webster

Before I discovered the clinic, I was in the process of coming to terms/accepting that my hair loss (which was mainly at the top of my head) was permanent. I was using toppik hair powder to cover up the places where you could see my scalp. It actually worked quite well but of course it was only an illusion.

I gave searching on line a go for hair loss treatment and stumbled across the Hair Loss Clinic. When I found they had a clinic which was only 15 mins away from me if felt like fate.

I had a consultation and decided to give it a go. For my hair, it was the best thing I ever did. At the end of the treatment I couldn’t believe how much fuller my hair looked. Most of my hair came back and the tiny areas that hadn’t, are on the way. I just need to give them growing time.

I no longer feel the need to use Toppik powder and feel so much better about my hair. As well as the treatment being a success the staff are lovely people. Thank you Jo and Paul for making me feel so welcome and to Jessica for all the extra treatment and being so knowledgeable.

If anyone is thinking of giving it a go I would highly recommend it.




I thought the hair loss regain was a myth but talking to the consultants an staff and using there products I now have thicker stronger hair. I couldn’t say a bad word about the service an there products, there very helpful and my god everyone that works in the Bromley branch are absolutely gorgeous!
I highly recommend!

D Bartley

The first 2 months I didn't really see a lot of difference but after 2 to 3 months onwards there was a big difference and now my hair is a lot better a lot thicker and it looks and it feels really really good so I'm very impressed and this does work I did actually go with another company before which was well known get the company wanting to sell me other stuff like a hand and laser brush which was quite expensive but it's nowhere near as powerful as as the laser treatment that is used buy hlc see and I have recommend and a number of people to go and have have their hair treated by hlc. I have had add a couple of bald patches on my hair and now they have grown back and they still growing back which I thought I'd never get back I'm very very impressed and if you're bald or going bald especially if you're a lady or a man you can physically see a noticeable difference and I now on my hair journey roundabout for 1/2 to 5 months I've paid for 6 months treatment.

I am also growing my eyebrows back as well and it's a little bit slower but you can see a lot of hair growth that I'd say probably about another 3 months and then it be nice and thick.

Susan Young

I have just finished my hair loss treatment after 6 months . Wow !!! can honestly say what a difference. My hair is so much thicker . Being a woman of 50 + years my hair was thinning Which was making me feel very low and miserable .
Cannot believe the difference .

The whole experience has been lovely from start to finish. Such a warm friendly greeting from Lee every other week .
Would definitely recommend this to any one.

Peter Webb

I'm writing this review instead of my daughter, Sarah, since she suffers quite badly from OCD and finds it difficult to approach things like this.

Sarah noticed there was a problem with her hair when she got up off the chair and saw numerous strands of hair on the back of it. After a quick search on the Net I came across the Hair Loss Clinics, the nearest of which was Brentwood.

I went along with Sarah (as indeed I did for the whole course) and at the initial appointment Sarah was checked out by Alan, who proved to be extremely friendly, knowledgable, straightforward and helpful. The proposed treatment was a course of laser therapy, some dietary recommendations, special vitamins and a special shampoo to stimulate follicle growth. After a full course of treatment (even before then) Sarah's hair was drastically improved. The difference was phenomenal.

Alan's clinic is informal and relaxing; and Alan himself has quite a flexible approach to the treatment and does his best to fit it in with your particular schedule and commitments. Also Sarah got to know some of the other patients quite well during her time there and was sorry to leave!

All I can say is, this definitely worked for Sarah and we both would heartily recommend it.

Alex Samuels

The Alopecia Clinic has been fantastic, I was a bit sceptical at first but after 5 months of treatment I have the hair I had five years ago and things are still getting better. Not only do the products work, but The Alopecia Clinic provides a five star service as well. I couldn't recommend them hihgly enough!


Hi i've been going to the clinic in york since nov 2018 for treatment for my alopecia and have been really pleased with my results so consultant at this clinic is lee who has been very good in restoring confidence and is very knowledgable i would happily recommend anyone to get in touch with him..thankyou

Steven Eames

Just finished a 6 month course of laser hair treatment. The process is straight forward, just fits into your daily routine using the products. Had great results , my hair is a lot thicker and the quality of hair is a lot better than before. My self confidence is back!!!Thanks to the staff at Chester hair loss for everything.


Extremely nervous on my way to my appointment but very pleasantly surprised how welcoming ash and the staff were , they really put me at ease with their hospitality and above all professionalism, really helped my confidence and changed my outlook on hair loss , I would definitely recommend them , thanks guys


When I first arrived at the Chester clinic for my consultation, my hair was a mess thin, patchy and deteriorating rapidly. I suffered from social anxiety depression and never wanted to leave the house. Now I feel like a new person.over the 6 month period with Ashley doing the laser hair regrow programme I have seen amazing results.My hair is now thick, healthy and full of life. Very Professional and approachable team who show empathy and would highly recommend to anyone looking to solve their hair loss problems.

Fais Anwar

Firstly great customer service (always the first thing I look at) the bonus is the staff are very polite, professional and have good reply’s to queries, bookings etc. My consultant Jessica Dunn worked wonders on me, always ensuring I got the treatment (laser) and service I desired. Sara Rudd who is another consultant care across very friendly and bubbly, which made my journey more enjoyable. All the people involved, from the receptionist booking my appointments, to receiving callbacks, having my treatment, which all worked really well together. Highly recommended money well spent. 5* service...

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