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HLC carry out advanced analysis of the hair, essential in pinpointing various conditions affecting the hair growth.

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About Hair Analysis

HLC carry out the most advanced microscopic polarised light analysis of the hair, this type of analysis is essential in pinpointing various conditions affecting the hair growth.

Many of the problems affecting hair growth are reflecting symptoms of other conditions elsewhere in the body. This may be stress related, hormonal problems, nutritional, genetic, medical, mineral and vitamin imbalances.

The idea is to seek out the cause of the problem, then give the correct treatment. If you wish to get your hair analysed, all you have to do is contact us directly or, download the hair analysis form below. Click on the image below, to download, then simply print it off and complete. You will need to return the form to us in the post along with your hair sample and payment.

Pluck a sample of hair from the scalp (using fingers or tweezers), from an area of scalp near the problem area. This is important as a sample from a different area of the scalp may give a misleading result. We need at least 10-20 hair bulbs for an accurate analysis. These should be growing hair NOT hair that has already fallen. The hair sample can then be wrapped in paper and placed in an envelope together with the hair analysis form.