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Hair Replacement treatment is created by combining a fine material and human hair making it a great solution to hair loss.

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Frequently Asked Questions about HLC Hair Systems

Take a look at some of the common questions regarding Hair Systems.

Do hair systems fall off?
One of the main concerns people have regarding hair systems is whether they fall off between maintenance appointments once the bond starts to breakdown. The simple answer to that question is No. The prospect of having your hair system fall off is mortifying, but you can be assured that if it slightly lifts, it will not come off completely.

Do hair systems look natural?
A well made hair system when fitted correctly and cut and blended to your own hair will look no different than it would look as if it is was your own natural hair. When designing the hair system your consultant will look to match your natural hairline, along with the correct density and colour.

Can you sleep with a hair system?
Can I wear a hair system when I sleep? Yes! … you will still get bed head which is all very natural.

Can you shower with a hair system?
In order to best maintain your hair system it’s always good to wash it twice per week, always hydrate your hair everyday with a good leave in conditioner.

Can you swim with a hair system?
Anyone using a hair system can get their hair wet without issues. To avoid the damage from both chlorine and saltwater make sure to thoroughly rinse your hair in freshwater both before and after swimming. Then re-hydrate with a leave-in conditioner.

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