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Therapeutic Lasers stimulate blood supply to the hair bulb and scalp, increasing the number of red blood cells that deliver vital oxygen and nutrients.

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Therapeutic Lasers stimulate blood supply to the hair bulb and scalp, increasing the number of red blood cells that deliver vital oxygen and nutrients.

The result is a restorative and reparative chain reaction that clears debris from the hair shafts, swells the cortex, and closes the cuticle leading to a healthier scalp and hair that looks and feels softer, thicker, and shinier, and is more easily managed.

Together with a scalp lotion, hair vitamins & medicated scalp shampoo, it is the best hair regrowth treatment on the market today. This new technology creates new blood vessel formation to encourage hair regrowth.

About The Treatment

Two hair analysis are carried out at the beginning and end of the treatment to monitor the progress. Oral medication does not stop hair loss alone, it might stimulate blood circulation for a few hours but hair will still fall. The products used in this treatment have been approved by the US food and drug administration.

Administration takes just 20 minutes and patients need only attend once a week for four weeks then fortnightly for five months. The treatment is non-evasive. During the course a Hair checks are carried out to monitor on the condition and shedding percentages of the hair, photos are also taken at this point.

The Laser Therapy works very well on male & female Androgenic Alopecia (Thinning hair loss) & Alopecia Areata. Patients interested in the treatment can book a free appointment where a consultant will conduct a complete hair analysis to gauge suitability.

Frequently Asked Questions about HLC Laser Hair Treatment

Take a look at some of the common questions regarding Laser Hair Treatments.

When would be a good time to start laser treatment?
The best time to start treatment is straight away when you notice the first signs of alopecia or thinning. This is because as the follicles go through stages of hair loss, most of them eventually die and beyond a point, the damage becomes irreversible no matter what products you use and how much money you spend.

Who is eligible to use the HLC Laser Hair Treatment?
No matter what your age, whether you are 18 or 70 dealing with the Alopecia or hair thinning, the Laser is there for you.

Will the lasers harm me?
The lasers used in HLC Laser Hair Treatment are low level, much lower than any of the gadgets you may use in your day to day activities. So there is absolutely no harm in using it. There is no fear of heat or any other damage caused by it on you or anyone else using the equipment.

How Does HLC Laser Hair Treatment Work?
The HLC Hair Treatment Laser works alongside proven selected HLC products tailor made to suit each individual by stimulating the follicles & increasing the blood flow to the areas of Alopecia & Thinning hair.

When will I see the results?
Notable hair growth is seen as soon as two to six months after using HLC Laser Hair Treatment.

How will my Hair change through the Treatment?
Month One: Every hair follows a growth cycle of 4 stages. This is when the hair follicle is still active and functioning. The last of these stages is hair shedding. So during the first month, if your hair is shedding, despite the alarming scene, this is in fact a good sign. This only means the hair follicles are very much active, they are just getting rid of thin unhealthy hair to replace them with new ones. So be patient.

Month Two: Although there will be some shedding in this stage too, by the middle of this month the new hair starts to emerge from your scalp.

Month three: Now is the time to watch the thicker stronger hair grow better with each passing day

Month four & onwards: By this time not only will you see significant amount of new hair, but they will be thicker, shinier and stronger than ever

How do I get started?
The next step is to attend a consultation at your nearest HLC clinic, simply complete our online form & a team member will contact you shortly.